Icing and Bakery

Find out here the best machines for icing and bakery


Hansa Mixer is a well-established leading manufacturer of aeration machinery with over 40 years of experience and with over 5,000 plants operation there are already many Hansa Mixer machines working with major blue-chip companies in the UK. ISO9001 certified, Hansa Mixer spend consistently on R&D and have excellent comprehensive service back-up for their machinery. For aerated confectionery products, baked goods, dairy products, toffees, soft caramels, and chocolate bar fillings to name but a few food applications, Hansa Mixer provide consistent high-quality output with fully automatic control for continuous in-line production. Dosing systems, SIP and CIP and all available from Hansa Mixer. Production outputs range from 1kg/h up to 10,000 kg/h.

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